Recruiter Resources

ID&R Resources


This page has been created to provide recruiters with free resources that can be provided to migrant families and youth at the time of recruitment.




English Language Resources


The GOSOSY Consortium has many free ELL resources. These can be printed and shared. Many have audio files that are included. Access these at the links below. These listed below are for materials in English/Spanish.


Ingles de Sobrevivencia (Survival English 1)


Ingles de sobrevivencia (Survival English 2)


Guía Bilíngue Inglés–Español,  Libro 1 (Bilingual English–Spanish Guide, Book 1)


Guía Bilíngue Inglés–Español, Libro 2 (Bilingual English–Spanish Guide,  Book 2)


Español/Inglés Nivel 1& 2 (Spanish/English Level 1& 2)





Health Related Resources


National Center for Farmworker Health health publications. Included at this link are over 30 different brochures that can be printed and shared with migrant families and youth. These include topics such as child nutrition to first aid in agriculture.


Pesticide Protection Brochure in English


Pesticide Protection Brochure in Spanish


Order Farmworker Health Cards


Call for Health Key Chains


Flu Symptoms- English


Flu Fact Sheet- Spanish



Career Resources


Bilingual Clip Sheets This link includes clip sheets for five different topic areas. These include Careers (11 sheets), Health (15 Sheets), Job Readiness (11 Sheets), Opportunities (5 Sheets) and Survival Skills (8 Sheets). They can be printed and shared with families and youth.


Know Your Rights



Immigrant Families Rights & Resource in Multiple Languages


Family Plan in Spanish


Immigrant Legal Resource Center community resources, brochures, and publications.